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Advantages And Disadvantages of working from Home 2021

As Covid19 starting spreading on our planet Earth, there have been a lot of changes in the way we live, socialize, Eat and work. This is a huge impact on the economy and life at large.

A lot of companies were forced to close, some are forced to let some of their workers work from home and some companies have become completely remotely such as Twitter workers

(Twitter has told staff that they can work from home "forever" if they wish as the company looks towards the future after the covid19 pandemic.)

Well with all being said some people enjoy working from home and others don't, some prefer at least to come in twice or thrice a week.

We have narrowed down for you the Pros and Cons of working from Home. Now let's get started with the Pros.

Advantages of Working from Home:

  1. Saves Time

Working from home saves you time in that you don't have to wake so early to beat the traffic or rush for the bus or Train. This is a huge relief and it allows to sleep some extra few hours or an hour not worrying about the journey to work.

2. Saves you Money

As you don't have to travel going to work , this can save you on petrol money or Bus transport and also spending money on coffee and lunch meals.

3. Family Time

You get to enjoy your family more and you can have your breaks or lunch with them . This improves bonding with your loved ones.

4. Less Supervision

Trust me people like it to work when no one is looking after their shoulder, well a lot of companies have some software to monitor their employees while working at but believe its way better than at work. This can boost you to be able to work without supervision and more disciplined.

5. Comfy clothes

It's so much comforting wearing anything you like and you can still work. You can even work in your pajamas.

6. Flexibility

Another cool thing working from home is being flexible while planning your work day at home. You can plan to work around the family plans so as you don't miss out with whatever going on in your family.

7.Enviromental friendly

Some people work in their beds, their couches and some find it comfortable working in their kitchens. Whatever comfortable place you find in your house to work . You can also create your own working office in the house.

However, it's so comforting working from home , it also comes with it's disadvantages. Let's look at the cons of working from home.

Disadvantages of Working from Home:

  1. Over Working

Since one is working from home, they tend to find it hard to switch off and end up working longer hours than usual. Sometimes they even end up eating cold foods and cold coffee because they're swamped with a lot of work. If you happen to find yourself in a situation like this, try planning your work day and make a to do list. Take your breaks and lunch time. As for cold coffee, you can get yourself the Coffee mug Wormer it keeps your coffee hot at your desired temperature and Mug all day.

2. Family and Friends interruptions.

Since you're working from home, family members and friends may think your available anytime say for a chat, or make some meals and this can make you lose focus at what you're doing. This can be solved by letting people know that you're working from home and also try to make yourself a home office that when they see you sitting there, they know you're working. There's these comfortable chairs suitable to work from home. You can check them out

3. Social Media Destruction

Since you're working from home and no one is supervising you, you tend to be tempted to look at your phone all the time, having anxiety on what's happening in the world, or check out your friends on Instagram, Facebook, twitter or making social calls. This is a huge destruction from your work. You solve this by putting your phone away or set time when to look at your phone.

4. Difficulty solving work problems

In terms of poor network connection or software installations. It can be difficult for some people working from home to resolve these issues especially if they don't have much knowledge in the Tech industry. This can lead in running behind your deadline.

5. Hard to monitor

Now this goes on the side of the company(employer), It may be difficult to monitor workers while their working from home. Some companies have managed to develop some software's to take care of this and others haven't succeeded yet.

6. Social Life

Working from home can cut off your social life and also some people feel cut off from their colleagues and organization as a whole that an office environment naturally allows. This can be solved by using software's to connect with your colleagues and friends in real time. such as Zoom and many more.

Working from home requires a lot of self-discipline and dedication. Everyone has different experience working from home and the employers should take survey with its workers to see what steps the company should take moving forward.

Please comment, we would like to hear your views and experience working from home.

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