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Gadgets and Technology in our Lives.

Updated: May 26, 2021

A gadget is a mechanical device or electrical equipment with a particular purpose.

In Software industry, Gadgets refers to computer programs that provide services without needing an independent application to be launched for each one. There several implementations based on existing software development techniques like JavaScript. It can be a mini app that stays onscreen to provide quick functionality such as search box, calculator, clock and weather. Gadgets are available in windows vista and 7.

Gadgets also incorporate of applied science at home. Gadgets are appliances, home automation and other devices commonly used at home such as Washing Machines, Coffee machines, Clothes Dryers and so on.

Gadgets also come is small sizes like a mouse, Smart watches, phones, Kindles, Camera etc. Gadgets are used to achieve a particular goal, such as energy efficiency or self-sufficiency.

Let’s look at just this small gadget that sprays oil.

Oil spray for cooking oil, Oil Sprayer for Cooking, Olive Oil Sprayer Mister, Olive Oil Spray Bottle, Olive Oil Spray for Salad, BBQ, Kitchen Baking, Roasting

This oil spray is of high-quality stainless steel and with a large area press button, easy to press and control the dosage, anti-skid design with wave strips, with nozzle hiding inside the cap and its anti-dust. Not only its used for oils, you can Fill it with your favorite vinegar, soy sauce, lemon, and lime juice. And widely used for salad making, Cooking, Baking, Roasting, Frying. Hasn’t this improved our cooking and looks like a gadget to add to your kitchen.

In today’s world it’s so hard, almost to impossible to survive without gadgets, this is the age of information. people read on their smart phones, Kindles. watch, listen to information all the time no matter where they are. People need to locate places, services and want to connect. The evolution brings man more dependent to gadgets, improved technology. Handheld gadgets such as Laptops and phones have helped us so much in acquiring information

Students using laptops for research

Gadgets enhance education. Tools like tablets if used in class can improve student learning and efficiency of teaching methods and can reduce the overall poor performance of students. Traditional learning is dependent on teacher centered strategies, with transformational methods and use of gadgets has deviated away from this focus.

Technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teacher can be transformational.”

Due to the great impact the pandemic has put pressure on our lives forcing students to study on line. The use of these gadgets such as laptops, Headphones, speakers and voice recorders has come in handy. This keeps the student engaged with the teacher even if they’re in virtual space. With the use of these tools in learning allows the use of videos, illustrations, presentations and audio.

When in class, you can use the voice recorder to record your lectures and after class you can play them back and forth during revision for better understanding. These voice recorders are actually used for voice over like when making videos say YouTube .

Gadgets are used for collaboration and transferring Information, this isn’t only in learning environment but in work environment as well such as online meetings, attending virtual classrooms, workshops and webinars. Gadgets have made accessing information easier than before.

Let’s look at this cool Owl Lab Meeting

Organizing Remote meetings or conferences has never been easier, worry no more as the Owl Lab Meeting Pro can be used with most popular web-based conferencing platforms such as zoom, Hangout, Skype and more. It has Beamforming technology that adjusts focus to the person speaking, also great with noise and audio cancellation. Remote members feel like they're in the same room.

Gadgets make our lives way easy, no more working hard, spending a lot of time doing something and staying out of touch with friends and family.

Gadgets like Drones have moved the world to a whole new perspective, With Drones you view something out your reach that you had no idea it existed, Drones have proved to be one of the most important tool men has invented

Drones are used for:

  • Military work

  • Delivery drones are usually autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that are used to transport food, packages, medicine or goods to your front doorstep.

  • Emergency Rescue.

  • Outer Space.

  • Wildlife and Historical Conservation.

  • Geographic mapping of inaccessible terrain and locations

  • Photography.

  • Commercials

  • Thermal sensor drones for search and rescue operations

  • Personal use for adventure

Drones can be controlled by a remote or accessed via a smartphone app, they possess the capability of reaching the most remote areas, War zone with little to no manpower needed and require the least amount of effort, time, and energy

Drones are recently being used in the on-going war between Palestine and Israel. The new UAV will be capable of carrying supplies and special reconnaissance equipment, hover for long periods of time, and operate at a range of 10 kilometers.

Defense force Drone

There is also a submarine drone that freely captures your underwater journey in high definition.

As much as we love gadgets and how they simplify our lives, they also have a negative impact. Gadgets that make children stable in one place like video games, smartphones, tablets affect their behavior especially those who play violent video games tend to be aggressive, lack self-confidence and interest in their surroundings.

Today’s parents have a tendency of letting gadgets baby sit their children, entertain them to keep them still so that they can continue scrolling in their social media platforms or attend to their work. The end result children luck attention from their parents or guardians.

This has changed the psychology of kids; they think in order to play is with their gadgets. Not only gadgets have affected the children but adults as well. People spend to much time on their phones than their loved ones or spouses. Leading to increased divorce and family breakups.

This also happens in work places where people miss use their gadgets during work time. this has reduced work productivity.

There so many gadgets that I haven’t even hint on but hopefully you get a clear view of what gadgets are.


Gadgets can be very small or very big, Tangible and non-tangible. Non-tangible these are the ones used in software’s also can be called widgets and Tangible are cars, computers, drones, phones and list go on.

Here is the Question: Have Gadgets done more harm than good? Please elaborate your answer.

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Thank you for Reading.

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