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Security Gadgets that will improve your home security.

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Keeping a safe home is important to homeowners. Fortunately, there are easy options to increase the security around your property. Many homeowners select a monitored home security system. By using your phone with household smart devices, this is another option that allows you to remotely control many aspects of your home. Regardless of whether you select a home security system or not, take these extra steps to keep your family and assets safe. A smarter home needs smarter protection. In an effort to attain modern-day home security, manufacturers are pushing the bar higher by making their home-monitoring devices smarter and more powerful. Rather than splurge an insane amount of money on CCTV systems that require expertise to install.

Physical security devices when used correctly can help prevent intrusions and warn you when someone tries to break into your home.

These security gadgets range from Firewall Routers to Security cameras.

6 ways to improve home security (Security Gadgets)

If you’re looking for a home security camera, Wyze cam is among the best security camera for smart homes with 2-way audio and night vision features. A built-in micro-SD slot if you want local video storage rather than relying solely on its cloud services and works with Alexa.

Monitoring Camera Wyze with Wyze 32G MicroSD card class 10

Our second pick is the smart locks, protecting your home from wherever you are is a key hand. Smart locks like August smart lock can be used through Wi-Fi and with your smart phone for easy locks that are unlocked with a smartphone app and that send time-specific keys to guests, friends, etc. with multiple sensors, high-resolution cameras; even devices that learn daily routines so that they can figure out what is out of the ordinary. In situations where you have to assign keys to your friends, guests and tenants you just use your phone on one tap.

August Wi- Fi Smart Lock

And the next on our list is the Samsung smartthings, this security gadget allows you to monitor your home day or night and you can review motion- triggered video clips. Smartthings Cam is featured with full HD and high dynamic range, displays a crisp detailed view of what’s going on at home when you’re away. It has a two-way built-in microphone enabling you to communicate with family members with the smartthings app.

Opening app from your phone.

4. TOGUAGD Wireless Home Security Camera System Outdoor PTZ Cameras and Bullet Cameras with 1TB Hard Drive 3MP WiFi Surveillance NVR Kits Full Color Night Vision Motion Alert.

This home security camera has been designed to wake up the moment it senses motion. If you set up that function, the camera will be triggered into action when motion is detected and will start recording.

In the meantime, smart notifications will be pushed to your mobile device.

With its pre-installed hard drive and powerful video compression, this Surveillance NVR Kit is a force to be reckoned with.

Store your recordings locally to the pre-installed hard drive (and automatically overwrite it) for reliable recording and quick data transfer rates.

TOGUAGD Wireless Home Security Camera System Outdoor PTZ Cameras and Bullet Cameras with 1TB Hard Drive 3MP WiFi Surveillance NVR Kits Full Color Night Vision Motion Alert

  • Package with 2 PTZ Cameras and 2 Bullet Cameras for complete coverage of your home.

  • Wireless security camera with PIR motion detection and full-color night vision

  • 3Megapixels high-definition cameras that provide crisper high-resolution images. Twice as clear as 1080P.

  • Outdoor Security Camera System with 1T pre-installed hard drive for 24-hour recording of 30-day reliable video.

5. Hiseeu [8CH Expandable, 2K] All in one with 12" LCD Monitor 3TB Hard Drive, Wireless Security Camera System, Home Business 8CH 1296P NVR Kit 4pcs 3MP Outdoor Bullet IP Cameras Night Vision Waterproof.

This 8-channel wireless camera system works with 8 pieces of camera, and supports original kits' one-way audio camera, two-way audio camera, and battery-powered camera, to meet all your needs.

3.0MP camera provides 2304*1296 Mega Pixels, achieving 1.5 times clearer images than 1080P. Cameras with 3 array Infrared LED allow you to see up to 65ft in night vision no matter what the lighting condition, outdoor security camera systems allow you to see and listen to people on your property from anywhere

This wireless security camera recorder has a 12- inch screen monitor and 1080P high definition recording with a wide view angle. The camera and NVR are automatically paired during the factory setting. Just need to connect the wireless cameras and NVR with power supply provided for 24/7 surveillance purposes.

Hiseeu [8CH Expandable, 2K] All in one with 12" LCD Monitor 3TB Hard Drive, Wireless Security Camera System

The company offers their clients the opportunity to experience the benefits of a one year warranty, technical support, and a lifetime of well-trained engineers. The company also offers a free 10ft antenna extension cable if the customer requests a discount code. Find out more

6.Lockly Bluetooth Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock, Patented Keypad Deadbolt Lock | Advanced 3D Fingerprint Reader (Satin Nickel)

The keypad randomly distributes numbers 0-9 into four buttons and all numbers reshuffle after each time of use, which makes it impossible for others to steal your codes. It's made with durable zinc alloy, stainless steel, and high-impact plastic with a scratch-resistant coating for security, connectivity, and ergonomics. With universal fit the Secure Deadbolt Edition will fit any standard door from 1 3⁄8″ to 2″ thick for left and right swing doors.

Lock and unlock your door with a digital keypad, physical key, or your fingerprint. Give keyless access to family, friends, and other home service providers without worrying about lost keys and even store up to 99 fingerprints!

Lockly Bluetooth Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock , Patented Keypad Deadbolt Lock | Advanced 3D Fingerprint Reader | iOS and Android Compatible (Satin Nickel)

  • KEYLESS ENTRY AND CONVIENCE: Unlock your door with a single tap on your smartphone with Bluetooth or by entering a 6–8-digit access code on the touchscreen keypad. This door lock also comes with 2 backup physical keys in case you ever need. Save time with keyless entry convenience for your offices, home, or rental properties.

  • CONTROL ACCESS AND MONITORING: Issue digital access tokens to guests when you want them to access the door. The Lockly smart lock stores all access history and syncs with your app via Bluetooth so you can review it anytime. It works with both iOS and Android devices.

  • ADVANCED 3D FINGERPRINT SENSOR SECURITY: Become even more secure with this smart door lock that features an advanced capacitive fingerprint reader. Other locks use optical readers, but this 3D fingerprint sensor uses capacitors and electrical current to form an image of your fingerprint. This means only physical fingers will be accepted, preventing the use of lifted prints.

  • EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY AND DIY INSTALLATION: You can open your front door with a 9V battery if you forget to replace the dead batteries.

Note: Please check your door measurements prior to purchase this smart deadbolt. You can also find the installation manual, user manual and specification sheet under Technical Specification section for additional information.

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