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The Future Of Economy

China has taken marketing to the next level. Is it because of the pandemic?, or China is pushing E-commerce hard.

People are being taught and many are learning to sell on livestreams. Basically one stands in front of a smart phone and starts selling the product.

They even eat some edible products

to show you how delicious it is, try on clothes to show you how exactly it would look and fit. And a lot of young Chinese are taking this career seriously.

According to BBC, It's lucrative business - China's live streamers are predicted to generate 312bn in sales this year.

Most of these young Chinese want to live a good life and other's just want to get popular because they feel they're not pretty enough.

Some people actually find this kind of selling an effective way to sell a product that they can do more sales than offline.

Most people are scared and some think these people are being treated like Robots. But to think of it, is this the future of E-commerce?

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